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Hello there,

could you please help me with the usage of the word "copious".

I wonder whether the following sentences sound English in your ears:

1) We had a copious meal.
2) The meal we had was copious.
3) She likes to eat copiously

What I want to say that we ate a big meal, so I wonder whether it is possible to use "copious" in this context.

In all dictionaries, I came across "substantial" and "hearty" and I wonder if these words can be used predicatively:

Our meal was hearty.
Our meal was substantial.

Which one should I use?

Thank you so much for your help
  • margauxrose

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    Hello Hese,

    I like:

    We had a copious meal

    Means there was an abundance of food to eat. Almost too much.

    Hearty carries with it the notion of "healthy".

    Substanital means large volume of. I ate a substantial amount of food for dinner.

    In any case, I like using the active voice here.

    Maybe others have more to add.


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    That's interesting. Could I use all these adjectives predicatively?

    Our meal was copious.
    Our meal was hearty.
    Our meal was substantial.

    Does that sound alright?
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