coppie rotoriche statoriche


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i am translating a euro patent document regarding spare parts for a machine which processes paper pulp to make paper.

the phrase is very general as a set of bullet points and is as follows....

"-raffinatore multi dischi (con piu di due coppie ROTORICHE-STATORICHE)."

my original translation was "rotory-statory" but I am sure this is not correct cause i cant find it anywhere. i think it might be just "rotor-stator" but in the plural in Italian. I think in english the same noun form can be used as an adj in this case....

any ideas/suggestions?

thanks in advance

  • thanks. the question was only about rotor-stator but i appreciate your input. i think that they mean machines with many "pairs" of these two elements working together with one another, the same that happens in a single unit, in the sense that the stator and rotor depend on one another to function correctly and thus must therefore be "paired" with one another. cheers.
    I understand. I too have concluded that rotor and stator only exist as nouns.

    We do of course have rotating and static (elements/components), as adjectives from the same roots.
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