Copy in name cards;Tailored assistance for auto leasing


Hi, everyone.
I have to come up with a good copy for my company's name card.
One of the main businesses of my company is buying cars at lease end from car leasing companies. We also provide the companies with some other services or advice to make their car leasing company successful.
My company is trying to be a good assistant for car leasing companies.

To advertise this business,
I have thought of the copy, "Tailored assistance for auto leasing."
This copy is going to be located under the name of my company in the name card.

I would like to ask you two questions.
Does this sounds natural as a copy?
Does this copy reflect my intention of wanting to advertise my company as a good assistant for car leasing companies?

I appreciate your helps.

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    Technically, "copy" (M-W: "matter to be set especially for printing") is not incorrect.

    You might consider using "advising"/"consulting" instead of "assistance." It depends ont the degree or level of support you provide.
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