Coquille documentaire

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  1. dalawat Member

    "India - Hindi & English"
    Contexte : Vocabulaire Informatique


    Dans la phrase

    Pour ces mêmes services, une coquille documentaire dans la

    hiérarchie des éléments est également corrigée.

    Comment traduire "coquille documentaire" en anglais ?

    Est-ce qu'il s'agit de "Documentary Shell" ?


  2. mylifeforaiur Senior Member

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    français - France
    A coquille is a typo (human error) or misprint (technical error). I don't really know if the use of documentaire changes the meaning here.
  3. wistou Senior Member

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    French - France
    In this sentence, "coquille" means "(small) mistake/error" ... no seafood involved !

    (and "documentaire" might suggest this is not a misprint or typo, but may be a
    wrong/misplaced/erronous piece of information from the documentation)
  4. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    The above is right.
    From that you may understand that it means : "a (small) mistake in a document", whether it is a typo, a misprint or any other small mistake due to printing or transmission.
  5. dalawat Member

    "India - Hindi & English"

    So this must be "Documentary Error" or error with the document.


  6. Aoyama Senior Member

    川崎市、巴里 (黎)
    français Clodoaldien
    Documentary typo or "small mistake" would be better, as "coquille" means a small mistake, not one that would envolve the content of the document.

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