1. Caitlan New Member

    English America
    A guy I like said this is what I was. Can anyone translate? The only translation I have is a rascal!
  2. melancolique

    melancolique Senior Member

    est-il francais?

    to say t'es une coquine is 'you're a tease' ;)
  3. Caitlan New Member

    English America
    Thanks!! I think that's probably what he meant!!
  4. julscol Member

    Brookline, MA
    USA english
    BUt it can also mean mischievous, coy, not necessarily a tease.
  5. adwien New Member

    I just want to bring my help on this one.
    Coquine can be something you say to a child (a girl in this case).
    Mais quelle petite coquine!

    But, in many cases it has a sexual meaning!
    Picture two guys at a bar talking about their girlfriends : "Ma copine, c'est une vraie coquine!"
    That means my girlfriend is all about sex, whe likes sex, or she likes to do uncommon things...
    It's not gross or disrepectful, it's kind of sweet...

    I could say it to my girlfriend, in the privacy of a couple, like "Quelle coquine!...", and she would probably like it...

    It's hard to explain, but anyway don't say it to a grown up person, like your boss
    hahaha "Mais quelle coquine vous êtes Madame la directrice!!!" That could be funny ;)

    Hope it helped!

    Btw, I'm trying to find something similar in english, like the "coquine" you can say to your girlfriend....Anyone can help?
  6. LART01

    LART01 Senior Member

    La Haye Pays-Bas
    If you say coquin/coquine to a child= naughty you
  7. adwien New Member

    Ok thanks, but that's not the one I was looking for.... :D
    I need the one for your gf....
  8. LART01

    LART01 Senior Member

    La Haye Pays-Bas
    je crois que ça marche aussi...you have been a naughty girl....
  9. philosophia

    philosophia Senior Member

    Arcachon, France
    français (France)
    naughty boy/girl na pas le même sens selon que l'on s'adresse à des adultes ou à des enfants. LART01 a raison, ça marche aussi.
  10. adwien New Member

    Ok merci les gars pour votre rapidité! :)
    C'est ce qu'on appelle l'aideur aidé ;)
  11. WilltheSmith New Member

    Something you might say in English (although people may beg to differ) is "Minx".

    "You cheeky minx..." etc...

    Not in the slightest offensive, and suggests flirtatiousness and possibly being a tease!
  12. philosophia

    philosophia Senior Member

    Arcachon, France
    français (France)
    Welcome WilltheSmith :) and thank you for your input.
    I think you're right, "you cheeky minx" sounds better – more playful I guess– than "you naughty girl".
    Would you also say plainly "you minx"?
  13. GracePYT

    GracePYT Senior Member

    I think that calling a woman "naughty" is more common than calling her a minx - I've heard "naughty" before several times, whereas I've not really heard "minx" that often.
  14. lacanuck Senior Member

    I've lived in the US and Canada, and I've NEVER heard of "minx" before. I didn't even know of such a word. To me, "naughty" would be the suitable translation.

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