Coraz: comparative or 'increasingly'?

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recently I found a webiste of a Polish translator. He gave there a few clues about translating and stuff connected with it. What rivetted my attention was the Polish word "coraz" which is translated into English as:

a) using comparative:
It was getting colder and colder so we switched the heating on.
b) using the word increasingly
It was getting increasingly chilly so we......

And my question is which of the methods would you consider as more popular and more common? And which of them do you use the most frequently? AmE and BrE usage welcomed :)

Thank you in advance. :)
  • Gordonedi

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    UK (Scotland) English
    When writing, I would use "increasingly" :
    I am finding it increasingly difficult to read your writing.

    When speaking, I would use "more and more", as in :
    As I get older, it is becoming more and more difficult to play football well.



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    English (England)
    I can't detect much of a difference in nuance or formality between them. I think that, as gordon says, "increasingly" is probably more written than spoken.
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