1. edfer52 New Member

    español- Colombia
    Hola a todos, Me pueden ayudar con esto por favor,
    Debo escribir una carta a un banco, para verificar algunos datos,
    Sir. XXXX
    Director Foreing Operations
    Cordial saludo
    con el el fin de verificar los siguientes datos...
  2. pecosita Senior Member

    Español de México
    Cordial saludo = sincerely

    Debes abrir un hilo para cada de las otras preguntas.

  3. edfer52 New Member

    español- Colombia
    Muchas gacias, te cuidas.
  4. missrosa Senior Member

    Como conoces el nombre de la persona a quien va dirigida la carta yo me despediría así:
    Yours faithfully,
  5. kw10 Senior Member

    English (USA)
    Es mas comun decir "sincerely" o "yours truly"
  6. edfer52 New Member

    español- Colombia
    Gracias a todos por las sugerencias
  7. Eltraductor

    Eltraductor Senior Member

    British English
    In a professional context in which you are writing to an establishment, it's 'yours sincerely'.
    In an informal context in which you know the individual you are writing to well, it's 'yours faithfully'.

    At least, this is how I've been raised to write it,
  8. svaneska Senior Member

    England/ Mallorca / France
    English, England

    Actually, no, (in England at least) it is used the other way about:
    If you don't know the person to whom you are addressing the letter you write : Dear Sir and end with ... Yours faithfully
    if you know the person, you address the letter: Dear Mr Smith/ Dear John . . . and sign off with ... Yours sincerely

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  9. Cannister7 Senior Member

    English, England
    I'm adding to this several years later in case it is useful to someone.
    I'm not sure that the 'cordial saludo' referred to in the question was intended to be at the end of the letter.
    I am translating a bank letter, which starts:

    Senora: xxx
    Cordial Saludo,
    movimiento de operaciones....etc.

    My point is that in this case, it wouldn't be appropriate to translate it as 'yours sincerely/yours faithfully.

    I am wondering the best way to translate it myself, maybe a case of rearranging the start to the letter to simply say:

    Dear Ms xxx

    Anyway, I wanted to point out the difference to anyone else with the same query in future

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