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The bloc has been seen by some as a symbol of insidious globalization, cordially invited into the U.S. only to eat away at the domestic job market. (source)

I have trouble understanding the sentence.
What is "cordially invited into the U.S", the bloc or globalization?
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    I also have trouble understanding the sentence when I look closely at the words.
    The general sense is fairly clear - that the set up of NAFTA and the reduction of trade barriers has led to loss of jobs within the US.
    But through NAFTA no one has been invited into the US. The bloc is three countries, USA, Canada and Mexico.
    I suppose you could say that Canadian and Mexican goods have been invited into the US, cordially or not, but that is not what the sentence says.


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    Is it possible it means that "globalisation" has been "cordially invited" into the USA as a great future but the real outcome is that businesses (and jobs) have been relocated to Mexico - I think "cordially" is used ironically here.
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