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I was wondering if you can tell me what "Le Cordon Bleu" means in english or what the actual english translation is. All I have found is it means "the blue cord." Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    If it's a person, it's somebody who can cook very well, not professionally. You would say that from your mother or friend.
    I don't know where that comes from though.

    If it's a thing, it's breaded ham with cheese inside.


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    I found this. It seems that at first it was a blue ribbon and then it became the name of some really exquisite banquets of certain knights and now it is the name of a group of cooking schools.


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    Le Cordon Bleu refers to the blue ribbon used by the Order du Saint-Esprit (founded by François 1er, I think). The Order was established to compete with the Order of the Garder & the Order of the Golden Fleece. From the ribbon was suspended a medallion of the dove of the Holy Spirit descending upon a gothic cross. The Order was restricted to the very wealthiest & best connected in the nobility and became associated with sumptuous food, drink & clothing. The cooking school open in 1895. It continues to operate in Paris and (since abou 1990) 10-15 other cities around the world. It is owned by the Cointreau family, as in the orange liquer.


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    Could anyone help me understand this sentence?

    "Elle n'a rien d'un cordon-bleu" :- I guess that it means "She is no expert" but I am unsure.

    Thanks for any help x
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    Does anyone know the translation for "un véritable cordon bleu"? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Just to add to the previous explanations, "cordon bleu" is actually used as-is in English, so there isn't a specific translation, although "gourmet cook" conveys the correct meaning. So you might actually say
    She's no cordon bleu chef
    A real cordon bleu cook
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