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  1. how would you say core java?

    java común?
  2. amenhotep Senior Member

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    No, i think is better "fundamentos de Java" or just Java, is case it's compulsory to translate it. Anyway core Java is well know in the IT market in Spain.
  3. mk12345 New Member

    core java is the base of all fields and technologies develop with java
    please type the correct question related to which you want to know.
  4. mk12345 New Member

    what is the difference between int and INTEGER.
  5. lmgutie

    lmgutie Senior Member

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    I recommend that you clarify if you are talking about the "core Java system", the "core Java classes", the "core Java API", etc.
    Anyway, in general, I would suggest to translate "core Java" as "Java base" in these contexts...

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