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French (lower Normandy)
cornichon nmfamilier (imbécile) (informal, pejorative)nitwit n
Martine l'injurie et le traite de cornichon.
Martine insults him and treats him like a nitwit.

"treats him like a nitwit" or "calls him a nitwit"?
(let's note that "cornichon" is rather mild, dated and would mostly be heard in schoolyards of the 1960s :D (not that I was there, but I wouldn't be surprised to find it in Le Petit Nicolas).
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    Calls, of course. And yes, nitwit is mild. It would mainly be used as an insult between children, I would say. It's possibly a little dated now. Certainly it's been around long enough that you probably would have heard in in the schoolyards of the 1960s.