cornici e cassettoni


Ok I need the imput of people who know about design and architecture

I need to translate:

"permettono di creare a pavimento cornici e cassettoni o effetti boiserie a rivestimento"

we are talking about tiles that can be combined in different colors and sizes that " allow to create frames and cassettoni effects on the floor and panelling (boiserie) effects on the walls"

I could not find another word for cassettoni even though I know that a soffitto a cassettoni is sometimes called a "coffered ceiling"

Can anybody help? thanks
  • Sorry I can't help you with cassettoni but I wanted to point out that you can't say "allow to create". You can say "allow for the creation of..." or "allow the decorator to create..." simply "allow for..."
    These allow for floors to be given a framing or cassettoni?? effect and the walls that of wood panelling.