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Hi folks,

I'm trying to find the English translation of this term. WR says it's "corona", but I'm not convinced.

The symbol is that dot and semicircle that appears above or below a note and means that you can hold that note for as long as you wish. This contradicts what the Corriere della Sera dictionary gives as the English translation: pause sign. Actually, it also translates it into "hold" (AmE).

In the text I am translating, this term features in the plural form: corone. Here's the entire sentence:
"...per l'artista sono tempi musicali, dove i temi ritornano, nascono, muoiono, si danno echi e ritornelli. Pause, corone."

I will spare you my clumsy attempts at translating the whole sentence (art critics' reviews in Italian are so difficult to translate), but I would appreciate any advice on translating the specific term.
Can I translate it as "holds" ?

Grazie mille.
  • Never heard "fermata". Might be a AE/BE split. I think I've always said and heard "pause" or "pause sign".... And the same for "corona": never come across that one either. But I never was a professional musician....
    To reply to GavinW, I couldn't have used "pause" in any case ("pause sign" would not be suitable in this context because the topic is artwork and what it expresses) because I would be repeating myself. The original text reads: Pause, corone.

    Thank you DavideV for confirming "fermata". I feel more confident now.

    Thanks again to all of you ;)
    Fair enough! I understand that, as the context is metaphorical, a term that "risks" being more technical may be more appropriate.