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"Many store owners...really want more corporate accounts."

"(As a framing store owner) you need to pick a focus that you can get your mind around meet their (those specific customers') needs. Is it new corporate accounts? Local artists?"

Whay does the term "corporate accounts" refer do? In the first sample it seems to me that "more corporate accounts" are "larger accounts of the company, meaning making more money". Am I right or not? If I am right then why in the second sample the writer refers to them as if they were people or firms? (Like, "is your focus new corporate accounts, or local artists?" and so on) Thank you
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    This means "business/trade with companies instead of individuals". If you have "corporate accounts" you will be selling something to an organization that will provide you with more business than an individual could do.

    The second sentence tells you that both corporations and individuals are customers. You need to consider their needs if you want to be successful at selling things to them.


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    The basic trade for picture framers is selling to residential customers. But there are many potential customers that are not residential. For example a doctor's office needs frames (diplomas and waiting room art). Corporations need art to brighten the decor. And manufacturers might want framed images of their product.

    Those non-residential customers are "corporate" customers.

    (I used to own a picture framing shop and soliciting to corporate accounts is handled differently than soliciting to residential accounts. Other non-residential accounts are: education, government, and museums.)
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