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I am wondering if there is already an accepted translation into French of the phrase "Corporate Welfare State", which I believe was first coined by or for Ralph Nader in his 1972 presidential campaign to blow the whistle on Washington's systematic funnelling of public funds into corporate pockets. The phrase was still used as recently as a couple of weeks ago by George Monbiot in the Guardian, although he was not referring to the US government specifically but rather to governments in general.

I think the literal translation "État Providence des grosses entreprises" is rather awkward and not necessarily immediately understandable for a French reader and my first idea is to leave it in English with an explanatory footnote. But if an elegant translation existed, this would make reading the French text easier.

Can anyone help?
  • Zebulongre

    French - France
    Thank you cropje_jnr,

    After debates and discussions with my series editor, I am going for "assistanat étatique des entreprises."
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