corps et biens


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Quel est le sens de: "Disparue corps et biens, comme un navire naufrage" ?

Est- il "body and being" ?

Merci en avance a toutes et a tous.
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    The expression means without a clue where the missing can be.
    In case of a ship, nothing has been found, the sea gave back no body, not a floating wreck.


    Alors, on peut traduire cette phrase: "disappeared without a trace, like a marooned/sunken ship."

    Would this be the closest translation do you think?

    Thanks everyone!


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    Est qu l'expression 'corps et bien' dans le phrase;
    'On supposait que le navire avait disparu corps et bien au cours de la tempête.' veut dire 'without trace'? - "One assumes the ship disappeared without a trace during the storm."

    Est'ce qu'il y a un mieux traduction pour corps et bien?


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    it means totally
    lost/disappeared with all hands?

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    The author is giving us info on submarine and sea warfare during WWI:

    Il aura à son actif 41 navires coulés dont l'énorme cuirassé 'le Suffren' disparut corps et biens au large du Portugal.

    My problems start when trying to translate the latter part of the sentence found in the heading.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Dict. Collins-Robert :
    sombrer corps et biens
    [bateau] to go down/sink with all hands
    [entreprise] to sink without a trace
    perdu corps et biens
    lost with all hands

    When a ship "disappears without a trace", the possibility of it being found is left open (like that Russian-crewed ship out of Finland recently). When a ship "goes down with all hands", it ends up at the bottom with everything on it and is probably irretrievably lost.
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