corrección material involuntaria

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    Phrase appears in cover letter relating to the transfer of prisoners from Costa Rica to England.

    "Sirvase encontrar adjuntos resoluciones de [xxx] y [xxx] las cuales contienen la corrección material involuntaria en que se había incurrido."

    Can someone advise if this relates to type of crime and imprisonment e.g. involuntary imprisonment for "correction" of a material crime?

    I am having trouble translating this sentence as a whole. My current attempt is as follows. Any advice is much appreciated.

    Please find attached judgements for [xxx] and [xxx], which contain the involuntary correction of the material error that has been committed.
  2. No; I understand that the mentioned judgements had been corrected. Thus "material correction" as the act of correct a mistake or inaccuracy on the document.

    Anyway, I understand your problem in translating that part. it is quite a confusing phrase.

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