Corredor Inmobiliario

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    Hola foreros!
    I'm working on a lease agreement from Argentinian Spanish into US English. The term "Corredor Inmobiliario" has come up numerous times, such as:

    "En caso de ejercer EL LOCATARIO alguna de estas opciones, las partes reconocen la intervencion del Corredor Inmobiliario..."


    "...las partes fijaran el alquiler en base al promedio de valuaciones de tres corredores inmobiliarios..."

    I have found some info online, but I'm still not exactly finding an English equivalent for this word. Is it like a real estate agent? Does anyone have any experience with this word? I'd appreciate any insight! Thanks!
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    jiā tàiluó ní yà
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    Yes, it's a real estate agent.

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