correo certificado

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    Quisiera saber cuál es la traducción para ¨correo certificado¨, es decir, cuando el destinatario o persona autorizada debe firmar para recibir la carta o paquete.

    ¿Estará bien dicho registered mail o certified mail?

    Muchas gracias. Saludos,
  2. westopia Senior Member

    Oops, acabo de releer el diccionario y efectivamente, dice registered.

  3. KateNicole Senior Member

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    English (USA)
    Donde yo vivo, se dice certified.
  4. ruru2006 Senior Member

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    It depends where you are:

    In USA - you cannot certify mail going to many countries abroad - you'd have to have it registed;

    you can certify mail going addressed to someone in the same or any other state (of the US, of course)
  5. westopia Senior Member

    Muchas gracias KateNicole y Ruru2006, aunque no sé si ahora estoy más confundida que antes :D

  6. ulrika

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    I think they can both be used to mean pretty much the same thing. It all depends on the technicalities of the post office at your local community.
  7. westopia Senior Member

    Thanks ulrika!:)
  8. Eustache

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    Costa Rica
    what's the difference between them and "accountable mail"?
  9. Hi,

    I used this service frequently when I lived in the United Kingdom.

    “Registered” or “signed” mail.


    José Manuel Rosón Bravo
  10. vente Member

    Hola, referente a ese hilo sobre la carta certificada, debo redactar una carta en donde le indico que recibira por correo certificado el recibo del pago de la factura X, estaria correcto así:

    you will receive the receipt of payment of invoice number XX by correo certificado (no sé como decirlo)

    Alguien puede ayudarme. Gracias


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