correr a cargo de.


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I know that esta ronda corre a cargo de la casa is " This round is on the house" but what about in the expression below.

· Les recuerdo que tendrá que desayunar antes de las 8 porque es la hora de salida del hotel, si no lo hace el desayuno correrá por su cuenta:
· You are reminded that breakfast must be finished by 8 because it is the time to leave the hotel otherwise breakfast will be on you....

Thanks in advance.
  • Iropan

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    You are reminded that breakfast will only be complimentary until 8, which is check-out time, otherwise breakfast will be charged to you.

    "Will be on you" es correcto, pero algo vulgar, a la gente de los hoteles les gusta ser muy rimbombante.


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    "Breakfast will be on you" might​ mean you will be charged for breakfast,
    but it sounds a little too much like spilling scrambled eggs on your shirt.:D
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