correspond aux gestes d’échange

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My translation of the following sentence sounds heavy and not natural to my English ear. Could anyone offer a better sentence? The context is a tourist brochure on cultural tourism.
"S’accoutumer aux traditions locales correspond aux gestes d’échange et de partage auxquelles le voyageur responsable se doit de participer.

My attempt :
Responsible travellers want to participate in the rituals of discussion and sharing, which means being aware of local traditions.

I think I've got off track a little!!

  • Quaeitur

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    Without the surrounding sentences it is hard to know how far off you went ;) To me French sentence gives an explanation of an expression (s'accoutumer aux traditions locales) that appeared earlier on in the brochure.

    To get familiar with local customs refers to the rituals of exchange and sharing the responsible traveler has to partake in.


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    It seems to me that, among the problems, is the inadequacy of the French s'accoutumer. You are going to have to decide what it really means. I agree with the general direction of your reading – "to be aware of" — but have the sense that there must be something better.

    To get a sense of local custom means engaging in the ritualized exchanges that all responsible travellers owe it to themselves to experience
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