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What is the difference between hallway and corridor?

Thanks in advance
  • Brioche

    Senior Member
    Australia English
    I think it's a BE v AE thing.

    Buildings in Britain have corridors, but in America they have hallways.

    But I also think corridors are longer!

    suzi br

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    English / England
    Hi - not much, really!

    I use hallway about houses / flats

    and corridors about schools and hospitals, so perhaps it is a public/priveate space that makes the difference.


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    English - England
    In British English
    - a corridor is a long narrow room with a lot of other rooms leading off it, used for moving to and from those other other rooms.
    - a hallway is a small room that you arrive in first when you enter a house or flat. It is not typically long and narrow.


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    English - USA
    Hi -
    I think Suzi br has a good point.
    When I think of "corridor" I think of a school or hospital, an institution rather than a private home.
    I would also think a "corridor" is longer than a "hallway."

    In AE, "hallway" is not the first space you arrive in when you enter a home, unless that space is a long narrow space that leads to the rest of the house.
    We would call the room inside the front door a foyer or perhaps an entry hall or just the hall.
    The foyer may open into or be a part of the hallway but the words are not necessarily interchangeable.
    A "hallway" is the space, usually long & narrow, that connects the rooms in the house, or the open space surrounding the staircase.
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