Corrupto / Corrompido


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¿Hay una diferencia entre las dos palabras?

Como se diria, por ejemplo, "He's a corrupt judge."

"El es un juez corrompido" o "El es un juez corrupto" ?
  • Milton Sand

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    They're all right.
    But we find some difference between both participles when used as adjectives talking about people's behaviors:

    Corrupto = Not ethical, dishonest, evil, unfair
    (in a political, professional and/or spiritual context, where the minimum ethical mistake is not allowed.)
    Corrompido = pervert, indecent, obscene, morbid, twisted, nasty-minded.
    (in a sexual sense).

    When refering to things, both mean rotten, putrid, decomposed (talking about organic matter) However, this use of "corromper" is perceived as too formal.

    In general, corrupto is only used as an adjective while corrompido is also used as past participle in perfect tenses:

    Era un sacerdote corrupto
    // Algunos policías se han corrompido con dinero.
    He was a corrupt priest // Some policemen have been corrupted with money.

    I hope it helps.


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    Hello eveyone!

    I just want to point out something I realized thanks to Milton. I did know about "corrompido" but until he explained the word and with the example I did realize how we use that words and the difference between them. Thank you Milton!



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    CORROMPIDO es la conjugación correcta en participio del verbo corromper, pero el adjetivo para una persona involucrada en actos de corrupción es CORRUPTO.

    "El juez ha sido CORROMPIDO por los abogados, se ha vuelto un juez CORRUPTO"