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Hi everyone !

There was a word in a corsican text, "currusculu", and in the sentence you clearly understand it means "courroux" in French or "wrath" in English. The sentence being "Un currusculu, una sfurianata." And I translated it as "Wrath, an angry outburst."

However, it's the first time I see this word, and I found other text by the same author where he also uses it, but I know that wrath is translated as "ira" or maybe "rabbia" o "collera" in Corsican but it is not as strong.

Has someone already seen this word ?

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    I've never heard the word before (I know something about Corsican language). It looks related to the Latin verb "coruscare" = to sparkle (in Corsican language you would say "scintillà, mandà scintille"). During the evolution from Latin to Corsican the first O has turned to U (coruscare -> curuscare -> curuscà -> curruscà), a linguistic phenomenon very common also in Sardinian language (comprendere -> cumprendere, comandare -> cumandare, mora -> mura, etc.etc.).

    Apparently "currusculu" sounds like a diminutive of "coruscus" = sparkling, crackling (scintillante, scoppiettante) = schjoppu di rabbia

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    It makes so much sense! You're always there to help me!

    That's really impressive, thank you so much for your thorough explanations :)

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