corso di laurea tecnico di radiologia medica

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  1. little mole Member

    Per cortesia sapete come tradurre
    Corso di laurea Tecnico di radiologia medica?
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  2. AlabamaBoy

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    Ciao little mole e benvent@

    In AE, "Course of study for a technical degree (BS) in medical radiology."

    Ma non diciamo spesso così. Invece,

    "I am going to university to get my BS (Bachelor of Science) in Medical Radiology."


    "I am working on my BS in Medical Radiology."

    EDIT: Se il corso è meno di quattro anni, sarebbe un "technical degree" o "associate degree" invece di "BS."
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  3. little mole Member

    Thanks a lot!!!
    So I suppose that is correct to say:
    I graduated in Magna Grecia university of Catanzaro school of medicine and chirurgie Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiology
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  4. AlabamaBoy

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    A few corrections, I hope you don't mind. I think we would say "magna cum laude" instead of "Magna Grecia," meaning "with high honors."
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  5. Einstein

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    No, I think Magna Grecia is the name of the University:)

    I suggest:
    I graduated from the "Magna Grecia" University of Catanzaro School of Medicine and Surgery with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiology.
  6. little mole Member

    Great!!! thank you very much
    Have a nice week end
    Little mole

    Yes, I won't translate "Magna Grecia" as It is the name of the University
  7. neuromatico

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    Hi little mole,

    Tecnico di radiologia medica is "Technologist in Medical Radiology".

    Having just reviewed your university's website, I would rephrase it as:

    "I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Radiologic Technology from the Magna Grecia University of Catanzaro."

    It's probably not necessary to state that your program was offered through the Department of Medicine and Surgery. Einstein's suggestion might cause confusion, as it implies that you have a medical degree.
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  8. fsabroso

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    It will depend of the kind of studies you have.

    X-ray Technician (certificate course 8 months - 1 year, hospital-based courses)
    Radiologic Technologist (Associate of Applied Sciences - 2-years, college program)
    Bachelor of Sciences in Radiological Sciences (4-years, university program)

    In the job, all of them are called "X-ray Tech"
  9. little mole Member

    thanks a lot everybody!!!
  10. little mole Member

    Is the following translation into english correct? thanks for help

    Volontariato tecnico sanitario di radiologia medica

    Voluntary technician of medical radiology
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