Cortavam o interior do Brasil

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    Quero traduzir esta frase ao ingles, mas nao sei o que quer dizer "cortavam" neste contexto:

    "Nessa época, Sao Paulo ainda era o ponto de partida das bandeiras, expedicoes que cortavam o interior do Brasil. Tinham como objetivos a busca de minerais preciosos..."

    O que acham?

    Obrigado :)
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  3. T_Ricky New Member

    Perfeito, obrigado!
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    Actually it is not necessarily crisscrossing.
    The use of cortar here is merely "to go through" (or even "to cut through"). It is conceivable that, in some cases, an expedition would double-back or change course sharply enough to justify "crisscross", but that might just as easily not happen.

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    Também se pode dizer: "... expeditions crossing the hinterland of Brazil...". Actually, this is a bit incorrect, historically speaking, for at the time the lands they were going through was not yet Brazil.
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    Yes, excellent! Simple and elegant, but that just eluded me, thanks
    As far as common usage English goes, I would rather say "Brazilian countryside" rather than "hinterland of Brazil". As for historical accuracy, I need to reserve judgement: it seems that we don't yet have enough information to pinpoint the period to which the text segment refers.


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