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Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by indrarojo, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. indrarojo Member

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    Al final del día, la cajera hace el corte de caja para entregar el dinero.
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  2. Snoop Puss Senior Member

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    How about "balance the till"?
    This means counting the money at the end of the day (or the working session) to make sure that it contains the float (the amount of money in the till at the beginning of the day) plus sales. In other words, the till girl (or "checkout girl" in a supermarket) has to count the money to make sure that it is all there - no more and above all no less.
  3. aurilla Senior Member

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    "Balance the cash register" or "balance the register".
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  4. Vicki Senior Member

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    ¿La cajera trabaja en un banco (como "teller") o una tienda (como "cashier")?

    Si es cajera en un banco, lo que hace al final del dia es "reconcile the cash".

    Saludos. Espero que sea de ayuda.

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