così come richiesto dall’attuale proprietà

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    Can proprietà ever be used to mean proprietario?
    The original sentence is
    Per quanto attiene la vendita del centro commerciale, si concorda di proporre al Board di rinunciare al diritto di prelazione, così come richiesto dall’attuale proprietà, non avendo la società alcun interesse ad acquisire l’immobile.
    My attempt at translation
    Regarding the sale of the shopping centre, it was agreed to propose to the Board that the pre-emption right should be renounced, as the current proprietor has requested, since the company has no interest in purchasing the property.
    Is that right?
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    I think you got it.
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    Just for information, here is the relevant entry in DeMauro
    I guess it's analogous to the way we use "management" as a singular noun to mean "the collection of managers" ( e.g. "management has made the decision, and must bear the responsibility for the consequences").
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