cosa juzgada material

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    Sample sentence:

    El fallo tendra los efectos de "cosa juzgada material" de ultima instancia.

    the rulling shall be material res judicata of last instance???????

  2. begoña fernandez Senior Member

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    Hi Jagope;

    mi versión: the sentence will be considered as red judicata in final recourse

    espero que te sirva
  3. mexnack

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    Begoña's probably right.

    But maybe there's another option for "cosa juzgada material"

    If you first consider the difference between "cosa juzgada formal" and "cosa juzgada material" -HERE for example-, and "res judicata" stricto sensu [claim preclusion] and "collateral estoppel" ["issue preclusion"], like HERE or in WIKIPEDIA, the question is almost inevitable: Can we make the connection?

    "Material res judicata" reaches an insignificant number of GOOGLE hits, so I don't see that as a competent option, even when it is the most literal translation. If we could use "issue preclusion" or "collateral estoppel" we could get a more natural rendition.

    I feel that I am not competent enough to translate the whole phrase though. At least not at this late hour.

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