1. Evakooks Member

    Spanish, Galician
    Hola! Me gustaria saber si es correcto decir "to sew by hand" para la expresión "coser a mano"
    Gracias :)
  2. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    Yes ..........
  3. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English

    Sí, es correcto. También, como adjetivo, se puede decir hand-sewn.
    e.g. A hand-sewn dress
  4. Alisterio

    Alisterio Senior Member

    Mexico City
    UK English
    Hi, welcome to the forum. I would say that "to sew by hand" is right; when you want the adjective you would "xx is hand-sewn".
  5. Evakooks Member

    Spanish, Galician
    Thanks for the information

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