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  1. spd466 New Member

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    Hello there everybody. So I chat with a Romanian girl occasionally and I said something along the lines of you're too popular because she was chatting with a couple other people. She replied "cosi-cosi" and when I asked what it meant she said uh don't know in English. So I was wondering if someone could help me out :) I have like no experience with the language so this is just me wondering what it was she said/meant. Thanks in advance.
  2. parakseno

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    Well, "cosi-cosi" doesn't look like Romanian to me, but rather Italian. The Romanian idiom for that would be "aşa şi aşa" and the English one "so-so" / "so and so".
  3. spd466 New Member

    USA and English
    Hmm, interesting. Thank you very much for the quick response parakseno :) I just assumed it was Romanian. Take care.
  4. parakseno

    parakseno Senior Member

    Romanian, Romania
    You're welcome!:)
  5. ducdebrabant New Member

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    It's Italian. Literally it means "thus thus" but the meaning is basically the same as the French comme ci comme ça, or the English so so.
  6. makktub Member

    There are right "cosi-cosi" is Italian and means "so-so"; not too bad, not too good.
  7. Aequitas1916 New Member

    Not for nothing, I don't mean to insult you, but are you sure she is Romanian and not "Romanese" or "Romagnese"? I only ask because it would explain the use of an Italian idiom. Then again, so would being a Romanian polyglot.
  8. irinet

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    And we use the French 'comme ci - comme ça' when speaking, quite often. But never 'cosi-cosi'.

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