cosmetics, especially women's ones

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  • Hermione Golightly

    Senior Member
    British English
    I don't need any cosmetics, especially women's ones.
    Your OP punctuation was correct.
    Women's cosmetics means make-up for women. 'Ones' is a plural pronoun replacing 'cosmetics' to avoid repeating that word.
    Your sentence seems to be correctly formed. It is a little strange, unless it's a man talking. Please give us context to a question.


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    Australia; English
    Yeah, I made a grammar error. Fixed in my original post. That was embarrassing; sorry all.

    And, yes, the sentence is correct, but is strange.


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    It is strange because it is taken out of context.
    This is the man's answer to the offer to buy cosmetics.
    And two follow-up questions have appeared.
    Is "let alone" a common phrase?
    As I see, "let alone" and "especially" are interchangeable in my sentence.
    Is it OK to omit a noun ( or pronoun) after the possessive?
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