cosmic comic ruff


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The clown stood there instead, resplendent and evident, fantastic in plastic, twenty feet of Day-Glo colors, its painted face surmounting a cosmic comic ruff. Orange pompom buttons cast in plastic, each as big as a volleyball, ran down the front of the silvery suit.
Source: It by Stephen King

Does the bolded expression mean that the painted face is being placed on top of (surmounting) a ruff (a clothing item worn around in the neck)? What about the cosmic comic? Would it that the ruff is comical (funny) and cosmetic(?)?

Thank you.
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    Yes, the painted face rests on top of the ruff.

    The ruff itself, being "cosmic comic", is a play on words. The ruff itself is "comical", in that it is being worn by a clown, a comical character. As for "cosmic", it could allude to it's painted style, such as a dark background with bright colors (like the night sky, or cosmos).
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