Cosmopolitan bias

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Two speakers were arguing over the international politics. One of them accused other of holding a cosmopolitan bias. This infuriated the other speaker. I don't remember exactly what was the provocation.

I want to know what is cosmopolitan bias.
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    The WRF dictionary entry for cosmopolitan, should explain to you what is meant by cosmopolitan:
    cos•mo•pol•i•tan /ˌkɑzməˈpɑlɪtən/ adj.
    1. of or relating to the whole world, or to a great part of it:the cosmopolitan nature of international agreements.
      • belonging to all the world;
        not limited to one part of the world:a cosmopolitan world view.
      • worldly;
        sophisticated:the cosmopolitan customer who demands the very best.

    n. [countable]
    1. a person free from local or national bias:a cosmopolitan who had lived in several countries.
    cos•mo•pol•i•tan•ism, n.


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    The assumption is that people who live in big cities have different beliefs or attitudes from those who don’t. You can call these people “cosmopolitan” and “provincial” respectively. Beliefs and attitude form part (or all) of one’s “bias”.
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