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The princeling was hidden in the Temple complex while Jezebel’s half-Phoenician, half-Israelite daughter attracted cosmopolitan trade and Baalist worship to her small mountain capital. An exquisite ivory dove perched atop a pomegranate, less than an inch high, was found in Jerusalem; it was probably used to decorate a piece of furniture in a grand Jerusalem house. Phoenician clay seals—known as bullae, the headed notepaper of the day—have been found around the rock pool below the City of David with images of their ships and holy totems such as a winged sun over a throne, along with 10,000 fishbones, probably imported from the Mediterranean by these ocean-going traders.

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Simon Sebag Montefiore

Hi. How do you paraphrase the bold part? Does it refer to the underlined part? I have rea the translation of the the text where the bold part is rendered into “international trade”.
Thank you.
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    Today, we would say "international" trade, but back then, nations were poorly defined and were often no more than city states.
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