cosmos shimmering with unknown possibility

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I would like to know the metaphorical meaning of "cosmos shimmering with unknown possibility" here:

A cosmos shimmering with unknown possibility, travel into space once beckoned the imagination of science and exploration. Astronauts were the pioneers of the next frontier. This romantic and optimistic view of space adventures influenced design and fantasy to create a bold new aesthetic.

(fashion design)

  • Biffo

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    This is typical nonsense as written by empty-headed fashion writers. It suggests that before the era of space-travel, the shimmering stars of our universe made us think of possibilities that did not exist on Earth. It isn't so much a metaphor as a way to fill up a paragraph.


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    While I do not disagree with Biffo's appreciation of that text, I'd suggest looking up each of the words in the phrase you found confusing and posting again if there are further difficulties.
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