cost of the tuition

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tuition is the cost of you studyings, right???

But in one of my threads someone gave me an example of
" cost of the tuition "
but tuition is not a program or the studing itself but
tuition= cost of the studyings
Am I right ????

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    Tuition is the fee you pay to pursue your studies at an educational institute. The phrase you quote (The cost of tuition) is a bit clumsy. It is more common to hear: "Tuition at this university is $25,000 per year."


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    Tuition is teaching.
    OED: The action or business of teaching a pupil or pupils;

    Tuition fees are what you pay for tuition.

    It has come to pass that through carelessness the word fee has been dropped in some parts of the world so that tuition now means the cost of tuition. However, it seems that some are still holding to the original meaning. The cost of tuition is a perfectly legitimate phrase.
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