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It took her three months to write the book.
It cost her three months to write the book.
The new smartphone took her $200.
The new smartphone cost her $200.

Are they all correct?
  • Uncle Jack

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    British English
    The third is definitely wrong, we don't usually use "take" with money, and when we do it is to achieve something, not merely to pay for a purchased item.

    The second is wrong as well, but "cost" with time is more common than "take" with money. However, it refers to time wasted or unable to be used for anything else, not merely the time it took to finish something. This could apply to writing a book if she spent the time wholly engaged in it, but "cost" isn't strong enough by itself to give this meaning, you would write something like "It cost her three months of her life to write the book".

    The first and fourth are fine.
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