1. Pirrís New Member

    Costa Rica, Spanish
    I´m doing a translation of a project management article and I can´t find the meaning of cost underrun in this context!!

    The net result of all the proactive strategies adopted by the project team resulted in a 10 percent cost underrun, timely completion...

    Any help??
  2. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    That means the project cost 10% less than it was budgeted for. You can just say that the strategies came in 10% under the original budget.
  3. vikita Senior Member

    aquí y ahora
    dice que se obtuvo un ahorro en costos del 10% como resultado de las técnicas adoptadas.
  4. Pirrís New Member

    Costa Rica, Spanish
    Muy amable, gracias.

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