Costalos and maistralis

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    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could help me figure out the origin and meaning of my grandparents surnames.

    The names are:

    Costalos and maistralis

    Both grandparents came from the Island of Chios but I believe the Maistralis side originally came from Izmir.

    I can't find any info on the origins of Costalos but I believe maistralis might be mean "from master" or something similar?

    Thanks for any help!!!
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    Hey there!
    Do you happen to know how they were written in Greek? The second one, in all possibility is "Μαϊστράλης" from the word "μαϊστράλι" also known as "μαΐστρος", the north-west wind (comes from Italian, Venetian to be exact). I'm not quite so certain about the first one. Κωστάλος perhaps?
    Anyway, to me at least, they don't give any clue of specific regions.
  3. sotos Senior Member

    Costalos certainly comes from Kostas (Constantinos).

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