costo pieno industriale


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Hi I'm trying to translate costo pieno industriale and costo pieno aziendale , I found:
total asorbation costing
or total manufacturing costs
but I'm not sure if that would be the correct translation, could someone please help me. It's about filmmaking.

Thankyou x
  • The standard English terms are:

    fully absorbed costing, in which all fixed manufacturing costs (overheads) are allocated (=added) to the variable cost of production (materials, labor, utilities).
    full cost, which includes not only the fixed manufacturing costs but also the allocated corporate expenses (commercial, administrative, financing, etc.)

    However, I would advise you to ask your Italian contacts to describe what they mean by costo pieno industriale and costo pieno aziendale to make sure that the definitions match. Very often companies develop their own terminology!
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