Costos de la mercaderia vendida

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by claudiatournier, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. claudiatournier Member

    argentina spanish
    I have a doubt, I am translating a balancesheet and I am sure if "Costos de la mercaderia vendida" could be "Cost of sales" ? Is that ok or is there any other way to say it?
  2. gingerwaster

    gingerwaster Senior Member

    Paris, France
    That's OK I reckon Claudia. But we need more context here.
  3. claudiatournier Member

    argentina spanish
    it is found in a list of expenses within a balancesheet! Other items could be freight, gas expenses etc. Does this help you?
  4. gingerwaster

    gingerwaster Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Claudia - Cost of Sales entonces es la traduccion exacta
  5. Ayutuxtepeque

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    Español salvadoreño
    I totally agree:thumbsup:, however if you are looking for a literal translation, you can also translate it as "cost of goods sold".

  6. claudiatournier Member

    argentina spanish
    My doubt was because I had already used "Cost of sales" as a translation for " Gastos de venta", that is why I thought it might be a mistake to use the same expression, i might go for "cost of good sold"!thanks

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