Cotización, cotizar un producto

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  1. lospina New Member

    Español, colombiano (Bogotá)

    I need to assign a name to a field form. Imagine 'I want to know how much do 2000 T-Shirts cost'. In spanish we call to the act of asking for price of any item cotizar/solicitar una cotización.

    Does exist any similar word in english?

    Thank you!
  2. Sharifa345

    Sharifa345 Senior Member

    US English, DR Spanish
    to quote
    (it's in the WR dictionary).
  3. saturne Senior Member

    To ask for an estimate = pedir un presupuesto
    Please send me your best quotation for the following items.
  4. ProfeCMathews New Member

    English - American
    In the States we would say, "Please send me your best price quote for the following..." or simply, "Please send me a price quote for the following..." Quotation for us would mean an excerpt from what someone else said like above, the quotation from Saturne. We also use the term 'estimate' with and without the adjective 'cost' as mentioned by Saturne.
  5. luigivanilli Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Mexican Spanish

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