cottage cheese (cellulite)


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Hello again everyone,

I was wondering what people the French (speakers) call cellulite informally. In the U.S., some people call it cottage cheese because it appears to have the same, lumpy texture as that dairy product.

I was told that it's called la peau d'orange in French, which I find interesting because we use "peau d'orange" in English to describe the appearance of skin (dermal edema) in inflammatory breast cancer.

Is this truly the correct term? If so, it's interesting to see that the terms have diverged so much.
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    I'm not sure what you mean, CarlosRapido, but thanks for confirming what someone else told me. Thanks to you as well, Michelvar.


    Localisée sur les cuisses, elle s'appelle aussi "une culotte de cheval"
    Pour moi cellulite et culotte de cheval sont deux choses différentes. La culotte de cheval est une accumulation de graisses au niveau des cuisses (saddle bags en anglais) et ne s'accompagne pas forcément de cellulite.
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