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I have a few phrases I have looked up for my painting. Now that I have found your site, I have someone to ask to see if I have them translated correctly. I have another post on here about about masculine and feminine and how to know when to use them, but these in particular I need to know if I have them written correctly in French to mean what I am showing in English...Thank you so much!! It is a blessing to have found such a wonderful forum...


cabanon du rose Cottage of the Rose or may I use Rose Cabanon

le sud beauté the Southern Belle

circle' du rose Circle of the roses

the' trois heures tea 3 at three

blanchisserie Laundry

de séjour living room english please??

de jeu
children's playroom

La Princesse' The princess

toujours me bonne nuit (oops, I forgot to put what the english is on this) Will you please translate?

être en bonne compagnie and these Will someone please translate?

bisouiller I wrote this and now I don't know what it is..

gros bissouxxx de ta mère "love and kisses from your mother"

mon chou my sweetheart

notre heureux maison our happy home

cabanon avec bonheur cottage with happiness

I would be so grateful if you could help on this..

Also, could someone please tell me how to write in French

Always Kiss Me Goodnight

Rose Cottage Kitchen

Beautiful Dreamer

Sweet Dreams

My Precious Child


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    Some bold.

    Vanna said:

    cercle des roses Circle of the roses

    thé à trois heures tea 3 at three

    laverie Laundry : you can search this kind of words in the dictionnary :

    salon living room english please??

    La Princesse The princess OK

    toujours me bonne nuit (oops, I forgot to put what the english is on this) Will you please translate?

    Means nothing alone, there must be something before ?

    bisouiller : to kiss

    gros bissouxxx de ta mère"love and kisses from your mother": yes !

    mon chou my sweetheart :thumbsup:



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    On toujours me bonne nuit
    Means nothing alone, there must be something before ?

    Could you give me an idea of what it is referring to so I can put in it context? What I was doing is trying to come up with some phrases. I used the dictionary, put this together myself and then forgot to put the English I thought it was. After reading the way tea party was supposed to be written, I realize I sold an expensive window to someone with the masculine The Soiree....That is what I am trying to prevent happening again.

    Could you also translate...

    Always Kiss Me Goodnight

    My Precious Child

    Thank you so much....




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    'Always Kiss Me Goodnight' I can't find a short versionfor this, so here's my long version : "Embrassez-moi toujours pour me souhaiter Bonne nuit"

    'My Precious Child' word for word, you get 'Mon Enfant Précieux' but it doesn't sound right... if it's an endearing name, I would say: "Mon Trésor"
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