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hi there,

Could you give me some hints? Thanks.
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    Could you put your question in a context? It could mean:

    1. Someone else wants to sit on the couch, so you shouldn't sit there.
    2. The couch has been promised to someone and they will shortly take it away.
    3. The couch has been reserved for sale.


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    You give no context. Assuming, however, that the reference is being made to a couch on display in a furniture store, it simply means that it has already been sold to or reserved for another person.
    "Is spoken for" means "reserved," "unavailable," or "taken."

    I most often hear it in the phrase, "I'm already spoken for," which means you're in a relationship, and thus unavailable.

    I suppose in the case of a couch, it would mean that the couch is taken.

    I think, although I'm not certain, that it's related to an older expression, "bespoken," which means "promised" or "committed."
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