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please, who can tell me the differences between the word couch and the word sofa. Are they the same?? If they are different, how can I distinguish the two?
thank you~~~
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    In my opinion if you are rich you might call it a sofa as it sounds more formal and expensive. If you are just a regular person and not trying to impress anyone, you might just call it a couch. But, they are exactly the same thing.

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    I believe these are mostly regional differences or sometimes even familial differences. Another one used in some areas of US but never in others: davenport.
    I haven't heard the word "davenport" for fifty years and at the time it was my old grandmother who used the word. I didn't know the word was still in use. But I believe Paulrobert is very correct


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    In case anyone is interested, there is also a long discussion of the differences in the English Only forum:It supports the suggestion above that differences may be regional, and related to the variety of English as well.


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    In furniture stores it's called a sofa.
    In your living room, it can be either.
    But there's no such thing as a "sofa potato" or "sofa surfing" -- it's always "couch potato" and "couch surfing," which suggests that "couch" is slightly less formal.


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    On one episode of the show "Family Guy," Brian breaks up with the older woman he has been dating and she tells him to "just leave the key on the ..." and then starts naming various pieces of furniture, using old-fashioned terms that nobody says anymore, and none of which Brian understands. (It was hilarious.) The ones I can remember were "settee," "chifforobe" and "davenport."


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    I need to translate a title and it says Decorate a living room with a red leather couch or sofa
    and I don´t know how to say couch and sofa in Sapnish

    Thanks for your help!
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