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Comment traduire "Coucou, me voilà!" en anglais? C'est pour un faire-part de naissance en 3 langues qui continue ensuite avec "Je m'appelle... Je suis né le..."

Peut-être: Hi there, here am I! ou Hi, here am I! Ou quelque chose de plus mignon?

Merci beaucoup!
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    In my choir we have a vocal warm up that goes: "Yoohoo! It's me!" (with the 'yoohoo' really high, and the 'it's me' really low). This reminded me of that :). </digression>

    I'm not sure what 'la bonne traduction' of 'coucou' would be... 'Yoohoo' or 'Cooee' might work. And 'me voila' is probably best translated as 'I'm here' or 'Here I am', as you suggest.

    Hope that helps,
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    peek-a-boo is how you say coucou to a little baby (the game where you hide your face), but not with adults.

    My grandmother used to say yoo-hoo! when she walked into the house, to see if anyone was at home. It would sound funny coming from anyone under 50, however.

    But nowadays I think a more normal way would simply say hello melodically: Hell-O-O--I'm here
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