Cougar, squelch when you're in position

Pavel Pin

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Through an intercom, Clay says to Cougar, who is ready with sniper pointing to container:

Clay: "Cougar, squelch when you're in position."
Cougar: "Squelch."

What is the meaning of "squelch"?
Does it mean to put the enemy in silence or make a squelching sound through mouth as signal to Clay?

Source: The Losers (2010)
  • dojibear

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    A "squelch" is something you do with a 2-way radio. They are talking with each other on 2-way radios ("walkie-talkies").

    The "squelch" button has some purpose (cutting down static, or something), but if Cougar presses it, the others will hear a very quiet sound on their radios. That is the signal that Cougar is in position.

    Clay wants him to use "squelch" rather than speaking, so the enemy will not hear them.


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    A bit odd. The squelch control on a radio has no effect on transmission, and doing anything with it will not send anybody else a signal. Presumably this is intended to mean "press your transmit button briefly".

    who is ready with sniper pointing to container
    This is gibberish. What do you mean by "with sniper pointing to container"? A sniper is a person, and why would a person be pointing at a container?

    Through an intercom
    Do you mean an intercom?
    an internal telephone system for communicating within a building, an aircraft, etc


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    Changing one word and adding the indefinite article does not add any meaning.

    A sniper is a person. A sniper is unlikely to be standing, sitting or lying next to Cougar (whoever he or it is) holding out his hand to point to a container. If they are speaking on an intercom, why would they also be using a radio? Your introduction to your question makes no sense. And does somebody called Cougar actually say "squelch"? :confused:
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