cough her up


Ernest and Helen plan to kill Madeline, his wife. Now she's dead, Helen comes to their house with intention to bury her, but sees Ernest hesitating and behaving oddly. She:
-- Oh, come on, Ernest. Cough her up!
Death Becomes Her, movie

I think the meaning here is "to push something out of your throat or lungs into your mouth", but in a figurative sense, like, to get rid of her in a determined way; right?
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    As in your previous question about "coughing up" money, to "cough up" simply means to give, provide, surrender, hand over, or let go of something. It's a common idiom. Usually it means to surrender something that you're reluctant to part with - such as $10 million.


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    'Hand it over', usually used of money, from someone reluctant to give the money: 'cough it up'. I've never seen it used of people (living or dead), but it's the money sense transferred to a person here.
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